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Financial planning is about helping you get your finances working for you. It’s about organising and prioritising what you want to achieve both in the short and long term throughout your life. If you are just starting out, already retired or anything in between we can make your money work as hard as you do!

To give you a closer look at how we can help, here are three different scenarios using some of the strategies we use for our clients.

Scenario 1 – Dave and Sue

Dave works full time and Sue works part time while taking care of their two small children. They would like some advice on the best way to maximise their income, they would also like to focus on paying down their mortgage. They have a combined annual income of $130,000.


Scenario 2 – Peter

Peter is 57 and has 2 grown up daughters, he has worked hard and has been able to build up a healthy superannuation balance of $500,000. He’d like some advice around what the best options are to continue growing his wealth as he would like to retire in the next 10 years.   


Scenario 3 – Bob and Jenny

Bob and Jenny are 67 and 61 years of age, they are retired and love to travel. They have always looked after their own finances but now they would like some help to ensure they can continue to live comfortably.  They own an investment property worth roughly $800,000, with debt of $500,000 and have a superannuation balance of about $700,000.


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