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Welcome to Braeside Wealth

We are a privately owned financial planning practice, located in Newcastle. We provide honest, practical and conflict free advice tailored to your needs. We receive no commissions and have no affiliations with product manufacturers, allowing us to focus on what’s best for our clients.

How We’re Different

Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of financial advisors out there. But….we’re different, Braeside Wealth provides genuine, conflict free advice to our clients.

We have no affiliations with any product issuer or bank which means we don’t have to worry about keeping anyone happy, except you. We focus on providing our clients with quality advice free from influence.

On top of that, Braeside Wealth doesn’t receive any commissions. We simply decline to receive them, or even better, if we can, we pass them onto our clients which can reduce your fees!

At Braeside Wealth our fees are based on what you need and how much time, effort and complexity is involved. Our fees are not based on how much you have to invest.

Let’s recap, Braeside Wealth stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons;

  • We provide quality financial advice free from influence
  • We receive no commissions
  • We have no affiliations with any product manufacturer, bank or insurer.
  • We don’t charge percentage based fees

Sound interesting? Ready for a change?

Get in touch today and let us show you how we can make a difference for you!

Areas we can help


We can help you to quickly and easily analyse and track your cash flow.

Protecting your family and lifestyle

Let us guide you through the options that best suit your family.

Building wealth

Let us show you how to get the most from investing.


We take the hassle out of managing your superannuation.

Getting ready for retirement

We can help you to achieve your dream retirement.


Helped me to get a better deal
Lance has been helping me out for the last 7 years. He helped me to get a better deal on my mortgage, tidy up my super and insurances and come up with a plan for the future.
B Waters
Very approachable on all financial questions
Lance has been supporting me around my finances needs, for over 10 years.( before Lance I had a very bad experience with a Finance adviser so once I found a good financial adviser, I’m certainly not wanting to change). Over the past 10 years, Lance has helped me to get a better deal on my mortgages, consolidate my different superannuation funds, along with reviewing my insurances. I strongly recommend Lance’s exceptional advice and added bonus he’s a generally nice person.
M J Grange
Lance Swansbra has been our financial adviser for over 10 years
In that time we have come to really appreciate his dedication, honesty & integrity. We have always found him to be very knowledgeable & trustworthy & we feel very secure knowing that he is there to guide us, financially, toward retirement.
P Clark

*No commisions means we charge a fixed fee for our advice to you. For any insurance products recommended, we dial down the commissions to zero which means that your premiums may be discounted relative to the retail price. For investment products, we will also be receiving no commissions. In the unlikely event that commissions are received by our practice, we will rebate these to you.

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