Getting ready for retirement

Maybe you’re getting ready to retire or you’re already retired, either way we can help. Retirement is a big change, often your income will reduce, you’ll have more time to fill in (depending on how close your grandchildren live!) and you may become more sensitive to investment markets. Braeside Wealth can help you with the following areas:
  • We will analyse your current situation and use modelling software to see if you’re on track.
  • We’ll then discuss ways to improve your retirement. This may involve making extra contributions to superannuation, reviewing your investments, reducing debt or planning to maximise your age pension.
  • Working for a living can be tough, but having that regular income can also be a very comfortable safety blanket. That all changes once you’ve retired, managing your cash flow becomes very important. We can help you to set up a budget, track your spending and help you to make good financial decisions.
  • Thinking about the next generation? Maybe you want to spend the kids inheritance or perhaps you have specific things you want to achieve like helping your children purchase their first home, assisting with the education of grandchildren or making sure taxation is minimised when you pass away. We can assist with all of these areas.



Getting to know you

Our first meeting is about getting to know each other. Discovering what’s important to you, where you want to be in the future and which areas you’d like help with. At this appointment our pricing will be explained, so there are no surprises along the way. This meeting is obligation free and costs nothing.


Collaboration session

We’ve gotten to know a bit about you, your family and your plans. The next step is to explore how we can help you. We use the latest technology to show you how making small changes now can make a big difference to your life.  


The Plan

We tailor a plan for you which is easy to understand, measurable and most importantly ticks all the boxes you were hoping to achieve. We will guide you through your advice and answer any questions clearly.



After careful consideration and when your ready to go ahead, we’ll get to work on implementing your plan in a timely and professional manner. We’ll keep you up to date and we’re always on hand to answer any questions.



Equally important as a good financial plan is the review process. This is the time when we discuss how everything is going. Are we on track? Has anything changed? Is there any fine tuning required?

See how we can help you

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