Braeside Wealth is an independent financial planning practice, we have no affiliations with any product manufacturer or bank. We receive no commissions and provide fee for service advice. This is important as we are free to recommend the best products and investments for you.

The earlier the better. We can help with the basics like budgeting and reducing debt. The earlier you start often means you can afford to make smaller changes and these add up to make a big difference long term.

Our fee structure is called ‘fee for service’. Simply put, this means you pay for the level of complexity your situation requires. This is important for people who have a larger sum to begin with as you won’t be charged a percentage of your assets. Just as every client requires a different level of service, every client’s fees are also individual. Our initial consultation is cost and obligation free, so why not contact us and let us show you how we can help.

At Braeside Wealth the fees we receive are from our clients only. We do not accept commissions and have no conflicts of interest. Our business grows from our clients being happy with the service we provide and the results they have received. Being independent mean you can be assured we will always advise you on what’s best for your situation at the time, and, our advice will be reviewed regularly to ensure this is still the case.

That’s a good question. It really depends on how long you will be investing for and how stable you want your investments to be. Having said that we try to use the following principles whenever we’re helping clients to invest.

  • Keep your costs down.
  • Try to make things simple.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Don’t pay more tax than you need to.

This is a tricky one! There are a lot of factors to be considered when talking about the amount of money you will need to retire. For example, a person that wants to live on $50,000 a year in retirement will need less than someone who wants $100,000 p.a. At Braeside Wealth we help you work out what you want from your retirement and how much you may need to make it a reality.

As a part of our advice service we meet during the year to ensure you’re on track with your plan and to make any adjustments that may be required. Throughout the year we’re only a phone call or email away to help you with any questions or concerns that may come up. We will also contact you if there are changes to legislation or conditions that may affect your situation.

Yes, we can help people regardless of their location. Technology is a wonderful thing! Certainly in this case it allows us to help clients who are not located in our local area. We use the latest video conferencing so we can easily help you, not matter where you are in Australia.

*No commisions means we charge a fixed fee for our advice to you. For any insurance products recommended, we dial down the commissions which means that your premiums may be discounted relative to the retail price. For investment products, we will also be receiving no commissions. In the unlikely event that commissions are received by our practice, we will rebate these to you.

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