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It’s certainly been a wild start to the year. During the first months of 2020, we have experienced heatwaves, fires, floods and continued drought. The effects of Mother Nature leaving many of us feeling concerned and helpless.

Apart from the devastating loss of people’s lives, homes and property the effect on our environment has been vast. Millions of native animals have been lost and The Rural Fire Service says a record 4.9m hectares – an area larger than Denmark – has been destroyed in NSW during the national bushfire crisis.

One of the best things about being Australian is the ability we all have to walk out our front door and see something beautiful, whether you live on the coast, the bush, or anywhere in between nature is all around us and it’s a big part of the Australian way of life.

Another wonderful thing about being Australian is our spirt. We love to help, we give our time and resources generously and like so many of you, here at Braeside Wealth we have been thinking about the best way for us to do our part to restore what has been lost.

We’ve done our research and throughout 2020 will be supporting Greening Australia. Greening Australia is a national organisation putting science-led, nature-based solutions into action to protect biodiversity and restore landscapes. They have been around for over 37 years and during this time have been working to conserve Australia’s unique landscapes.

Greening Australia has big plans! Some of their 2030 goals include;

  • 500 million native trees and plants established
  • 330,000 hectares of habitat restored
  • 20 threatened species conserved
  • 3,000 Indigenous trainees
  • 400,000 tonnes of sediment stopped from polluting the Great Barrier Reef each year

It’s not just us who think they are doing a great job. The Federal Treasurer and Minister for the Environment recently announced a $50 million investment in emergency response to the bushfires – $5 million of this initial investment will see Greening Australia lead the development of a strategic program to secure native seed and plant supply for landscape restoration, recovery and resilience in bushfire impacted areas and other vulnerable landscapes.

Throughout 2020 we will make a donation on behalf of every new client we help. This donation will support Greening Australia to reach it’s 2030 targets and allow them to continue restoring our native environment for all of us to enjoy.

If you would like more information on the wonderful work Greening Australia does you can visit their website.

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